Battery Storage


If your business operates or installs small- to medium-scale self-generating energy systems and want to be among the first to experience how Candle3 can dramatically increase the value of those resources, please contact us.

Step three to the NetZERO goal is Energy Storage using our Vanadium Flow Battery, the most advanced fuel cell technology currently available for commercial and industrial applications. Candle3 has partnered with a segment leader and incorporated this technology in our plan, to help your business utilize battery storage and hybrid inverters to save even more money. Our commercial customers have not only found an ancillary source of power, but more importantly a way to lower costly demand charges. Combined with our systems management software, your business can lower the cost of energy from your side of the meter. By substituting electrical demand from the utility companies at peak times, you not only reduce your use charges, but your total costs with lower demand charges.


Battery storage was the roots of the solar industry, but the costs and technology were not conducive to large scale applications. With improvements in technologies like Lithium Ion and new ones like Vanadium fuel cells, the industry is getting back to those roots and embracing storage once again. Combining solar and hybrid inverters for residential customers seeking to take advantage of time-of-use rates, or commercial customers looking to reduce demand charges and use batteries for ancillary services, battery storage is becoming significant again. These advances worry utilities, because is is believed that in the next five years, customers are going to decide what they pay the utility.

Candle3’s Energy Storage products incorporate time tested, field proven battery and fuel cell technologies along with the best BMS (battery management systems and software).