Wireless Software Control Systems

Step Four in Candle3?s NetZERO Plan

Step four to the NetZERO goal is network and systems management using state of the art IoT controls. Candle3 has incorporated this technology into its plan, to help your business realize additional savings through wireless communication and node technology. We are able to monitor, and predict energy usage, and then implement steps that instruct your equipment and facilities to operate more efficiently. Our proprietary management software connects the steps of saving, producing and storing energy, to maximize your energy saving while boosting your bottom line.

By implementing wireless node technology into a lighting project, we are able to control the electrical use by pole, section, or property as decided by the business owner. We can improve lighting during hours of operation, reduce it when you are closed, implement security measures and after hours display needs, and even alert you of maintenance concerns through our monitoring process.

Lighting control systems play a critical role in lighting design for retail lighting, hospitality lighting, and office lighting applications. Candle3’s lighting controls can detect dusk and dawn, helping to conserve energy while adding to the beauty and security of your building and grounds.